Top Beginner backpacking trips

backpacking trips for beginners

backpacking trips for beginners

Backpacking is not one of the “Just Do It” types of things. The adventure through the backcountry is not a child’s play. It can be a dangerous place even for the experienced people. But if you play your cards right, backpacking can be a great source of adventure. But before you step on your beginner backpacking adventures you must adopt some preliminary steps and know about backpacking trips for beginners,


Acquiring Backpacking Knowledge

  • Through Study

There are uncountable things about backpacking that you should know. You should acquire enough knowledge about backpacking trips for beginners through pre-study. Fill up your jar of backpacking knowledge thru reading all the articles floating through the air & read books. You should read at least one reputed book about backpacking trips for beginners. You can also read one about backcountry first aid.

  • Through Backcountry Organizations:

There are many private, local government and school outdoor groups that provide backpacking, hiking and mountaineering knowledge to help you with backpacking trips for beginners.
You can also join any backpacking and hike outdoor club. Besides enriching your knowledge of backpacking trips for beginners you can also make new friends who have the same interest as you. And they can also provide guided backpacking trips for beginners.

Which region are you traveling to?

Choose the country or region where you will be traveling to for backpacking. Do this very carefully. You should keep an eye on various things. Like how is the weather at that place? Which time of the year is it?

Select your destination:

Think wisely where you want to go and why. You won’t want to end up with disliking the place. So do some research about the possible places that you want for backpacking. It will help you if that place contains some best backpacking for beginners.

How to Pack your Backpack:

The easiest way to pack a backpack is to leave most of your stuff at home. But you know that’s likely not going to happen. So you need some tricky ideas to pack your backpack. Packing backpack for backpacking is very different from travel packing. On the other hand, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know how to pack clothes in a backpack. It’s just going to need some common sense on your top floor. You have to pack your backpack in such a way that your pieces of stuff are faster accessible according to their frequency of use. It will be really annoying if you end up with unpacking each time you need something. Packing a tent in a backpack will sure cause you some tension.

But wait. Do you surely need a tent? Yes. You are going for a backpacking mate. Not Hiking. Though you are more likely to think that both are the same, but both are much different. Without camping and overnights, you won’t fully feel like backpacking. It’s like the cherry on the cake. And if you are going to camp you must need a tent. So you must get yourself through how to pack a tent in a backpack.

Choosing the Best Backpack for You:

As you are going to carry it almost all the time in your back, the backpack is the most important thing in a backpacking trip. And it also can be the cause of your tension if you don’t pick the right and best backpack for you. Surely you will get confused in the big market of backpacks. Select the backpack considering the nature of your trips.
We suggest that you should not buy a bigger backpack. If you buy a bigger backpack you will want to fill it with unnecessary stuff.

Buy a medium sized. 40-50 liters backpack will be a nice choice instead of 70 liters. See, it’s actually a psychological thing. If you get yourself a smaller backpack, by hook or by crook you will fit all the kinds of stuff in it. I mean you won’t cancel your trip just because some kinds of stuff are not fitting in your backpack. With a bigger backpack, your mind will control you to pick up some less necessary stuff just to fill up the spaces.
You can check some reviews for the best rolling backpack for college. You can be assured that you will end up finding the right choice after some home works on backpacks.


Start With an Easy Country or Place

As you are backpacking for the first time, you should and must pick an easy country or place to start with. Doing so, you will have a comfortable and hustle free first-time experience of backpacking. And this will result in some more hunger for backpacking in you.

California for a start?

California, for example, The State of California of the United States is one of the best places for backpackers with zero experience. The state welcomes plenty of backpackers every month. And the infrastructure is great. Especially there are these parks in California, some state parks that have some tremendous facilities only keeping the backpackers in mind. You will be provided with assisted camping and night overs. In a word, in California, you won’t feel like you are backpacking for the first time. Everything here is so much beginner-friendly. No matter even if you are an experienced one, you will surely come over and over again once you have tasted the test off California.

Want to know briefly about backpacking in California?

Beginner Backpacking Trips California: There are really some mouthwatering beginner backpacking trips and trails throughout California. Here are some bests of them – Beginner Backpacking Trips California.
Overnight Backpacking: If you are most likely up for overnight backpacking. There are plenty of options on both sides of California.
Overnight Backpacking Southern California
Overnight Backpacking Northern California

Guided Backpacking Trips California: Don’t like to step there alone? Don’t worry. You can always have some guided backpacking trips here. There are many clubs, local and private campaigns to guide you through your backpacking trail.
Short Backpacking Trips California: Even if you are in California for some other reason, you can still try some of these short backpacking trips in California with least preparations. There are plenty of trails of different size and nature all over California. Just in case of that, you can also go through some school backpack reviews in California.

Some other Californian Backpacking Suggestions:
San Diego is called the mecca for hikers and backpackers. Without an overnight backpacking San Diego, your trip to California will surely remain incomplete.

If you are afraid to put on your tough suit, don’t worry. You can go through these easy backpacking trips California. These trips are the easiest that you will find around anywhere, more or less. You can also try some 2 days backpacking trips California if you are really into your adventure mood. These trips will take you deep into the wilderness of backcountry.

In California Just for Weekends?

Forget about pre-planned backpacking. If you are here in California on a family weekend and want to go get some weekend fun backpacking, you can pick one from these- weekend backpacking trips California.


Northern California

Last but not the least; you can cover these nicer backpacking trails in northern California. These could through some extra cheese on your California trip. And when you are in California, try your best to cover as many trails as you can throughout all the sides of California.

Tips and Tricks for Backpacking

No matter whatever you are doing or learning. You can always make use of some of those extra tips and smart tricks to make you better on that. No different for backpacking. As a beginner backpacker, you should learn these backpacking tips and tricks as earlier as possible. Actually apart from experience, these little tips and tricks are the things that set the difference between beginners and experts. So, to complete your knowledge on backpacking for beginners you must get your hands to some really smart and effective tips and tricks.

Finding the Best Trip for You

Actually, it’s not like every trip is suitable for everyone. And you surely won’t want to realize that this trip is not meant for you in the middle of the trip. Finding the suitable trip for you has something to do with your age. It’s obvious that trips for trips for teenagers, college students, young adults and senior adults will not be similar in most of the case. Here are some suggestions for young adults and college students- backpacking trips for young adults backpacking trips for college students
But it is a gentle suggestion for all of you that you should start with those backpacking trips for beginners that are near to you. You may find this- Backpacking trips near me- useful

What to Know about Hiking?

Though hiking and backpacking are more or less different, actually you can see hiking as a part of backpacking. When you are on your best backpacking trip, at the heart of backcountry, you can actually realize that you are basically hiking through the woods or mountains or what not.

Workouts for Amateur Hikers

You can’t just start hiking tomorrow. There should be some precise preparations unless you want to end up with physical pain. You can go through this workouts- hiking for beginners workout to get your body ready for hiking.

Budget Hiking

Whatever we say, at the end of the day backpacking, hiking all of these are just recreational and fun activities. So it’s normal if you don’t want to push your budget just to enjoy some recreational activities like most of the people. But you know there are always solutions for problems. You can actually go hiking on a short budget. You just have to adjust and fine-tune some things. Hope this will help you- hiking for beginners on a budget.

Hiking and Weight Loss

Hiking, of all things in the world, will definitely effect on your weight. You can actually burn some of that extra fat through hiking. One thing that we all have been hearing for ages is that walking is the easiest way to lose weight. And Hiking?? It makes it even better. It’s the next step. You will just have to know some basic things and ideas about hiking for weight loss and hiking weight loss retreats.


Hiking with Weights

Just like you can lose your weight through hiking, you can also give your body a good shape and fitness through hiking. It’s one kind of Military Training. Just grab some weights and put them in your backpack. Then put on the backpack and go hiking. It will cause some good effects throughout your body. Make your body more strong and get you to the next level of fitness. So instead of going to the gym, you can try hiking with weights in a backpack. This will be like killing two birds with one shot.

Have anything to say or share about backpacking trips for beginners with us? Please comment below and stay with us.


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