Top 5 Cheapest Countries to Backpack

Backpacking trips for College Students

So many desire but can’t meet much of them- that’s pretty much the situation when you are a college student. Backpacking when you are a student can be more enjoyable. You can say let’s do it when it’s more fun. But since you are a student you can’t just plan your backpacking trip like others. You have some additional problems to solve that does not require for others. But fortunately, by planning properly you can really pull up some amazing backpacking trips for college students around the globe.

Backpacking trips for College Students

Backpacking trips for College Students

First order of business? Make a group. Let’s just forget that proverb- Too many cooks spoil the broth while you are planning backpacking trips for college students. If you can somehow manage a group of your friends who share the same interest as you then Bingo! Options are endless. You just need to grab your gear, some good friends, map and then set out for an unknown wilderness. By the way, you can go through some reviews for the best rolling backpack for college if you don’t have any and want to buy a new one for your trips.


backpacking trips for college students


Things to Watch Out for:

If you really want to have an amazing backpacking adventure without breaking the bank, you have to watch out for some things. Have a clear idea about the amount of money you can spend. Whether you will have camp nights or you will crash in hostels? How much can you afford on food? What to take and what not to take. How can be tricky in saving some bucks?

amazing backpacking adventure Select your Destination
Selecting the best place is very important. You won’t afford to plan another backpacking trip after an unpleasant one. It is like a one shot. You have to make it correct. But don’t worry; here are some amazing, budget-friendly places for backpacking trips for college students.


1. Peru:

Backpacking trips for College Students

The only hard part of visiting Peru is you might need a little Spanish under your belt because you will hardly find anyone who speaks English. Apart from that Peru can fit in your choice with its all-around resources. This ancient and laid-back country has so much to give you. That includes some globally famous rainforests, beaches, and ruins. Lima, the capital of the country can be a good place to start with. Hiking the Inca trail through Machu Picchu can give you Goosebumps. Suddenly you can find yourself having a party in Máncora- a town with a lovely beach. Peru is an unpredictable country and it will give you an unforgettable and unpredictable adventure. Unpredictable? That’s where the true fun of backpacking lies.



2. Thailand:

Backpacking trips for College Students

Looking for some tropical land with cheap expenses? Then it has to be Thailand. You can enjoy a typical Bangkok day on just $20. How is that for a college student? You can fill your stomach up with some famous roadside foods and the traditional Thai iced tea. There are some architectural masterpieces throughout Thailand that include ancient Buddhist temples. Don’t forget to explore some of those heavenly islands. If you make a list of backpacking trips for college students Thailand will surely make it to the top three.



3. Indonesia

Backpacking trips for College Students

Literally, there are thousands of islands waiting for you in Indonesia. You can cover most of Indonesia on your short budget. But if you plan to visit every island, the cost of transportation will stretch up your budget. But you can surely visit some of them. You can start with Sumatra. There are so many of those cheap lodges where you can crash. Or you can select Sumba Island. It’s 400KM far from Bali. The sounds of beachside yoga in Sumba island will surely amaze you.



4. Nepal

Backpacking trips for College Students

Want some classic experience with a student budget? Just go for the home of mighty Mount Everest, the ancient country- Nepal. You can start with the commercial capital Birgunj. The Clock Tower and The Durga Temple may catch your attention. You might also want to visit the Shankar Acharya Gate. It’s where India Meets Nepal. But, for some spiritual touch, you will have to try Lumbini. This is the place where Lord Buddha was born 2500 years ago. Nepal really has great tourism infrastructure. For students from America and Europe, Nepal can be a really cheap destination.



5. Nicaragua

Backpacking trips for College Students

Nicaragua is, in particular, a country where you can really relax. Enjoy some serene time with your buddies during college break. In Central America, you won’t find many places as cheaper as Nicaragua. You can spend a night just for $5-$6 in dorms. A private or semi-private room will cost $10. And a typical rice, bean and meat meal will cost you just $2. From partying in San Juan Del Sur to floating around the crater lack in Apoyo you will love every second there. Want to hear some volcano roar? Get set and hike right up to the Mount Telica. So your Nicaragua trip also includes hiking for beginners in a budget.


There are plenty more places that you can consider as an option for backpacking trips for college students. Just avoid big cities. Those big boys are always too much expensive. Best suggestions for students might be Asia, Central America and some cities of Europe.

Some Tips You Can Use in Backpacking Trips for College Students

1. Avoid carrying much money in cash with you on your trip.
2. Don’t stay in hotels which are in the middle of the city. Find one out of city limits. It will keep your pocket healthy.
3. Try to grab fast food always on your trip. It is cheap and doesn’t worry about the calories. Backpacking itself is a great calorie-burner. So, in the end, it will be well balanced.
4. If you are backpacking through Europe don’t go for flights. Train passes are much cheaper and easy.
5. Budget your money on every step of the journey. And do it prior to your journey. Don’t budget mid-way.

6. Carry a duct-taped pen in your backpack. Just write and fix your budget anytime.
7. Consult with local people for cool ideas like finding a smaller and cheaper restaurant.
8. Never avoid a free handout. Whatever it is you will find a use of it.
9. Some hostels or dorms may offer some discounts to students. So never forget to keep your student ID card with you.
10. Rather than buying travel-sized toiletries, make your own versions.
11. Go through some student bloggers; you can learn from others’ mistakes and experience.
12. Don’t exchange currency from airport traders. Always go to the bank if you don’t want to be get trapped.

The last suggestion would be just to go and enjoy a break from college. Every buck you spent today can be earned tomorrow. Wait…Make it day after tomorrow! However, just get out and enjoy your life when you can enjoy at full stretch.

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