Best tricks for clothing in a backpack

best way to pack a backpack for travel

best way to pack a backpack for travel

What is the only most important thing you carry with you while backpacking? Any guess? Yeah, you got it right. It’s your Backpack. The name “Backpacking” also came from it. Now, what do you carry in your backpack?? Guess? Beginner backpacking products?  No, I mean, what do you really “Carry” in your backpack? Right, your clothes. How do you do it? Everyone, I repeat everyone has faced the problem Best way to pack a backpack for travel. At least while doing it for the first time. Beginner backpackers always face it during their beginner backpacking trips. So you can say best way to pack a backpack for travel- one of the things that beginner backpackers always search in beginner


Choosing the Right Backpack:

Nowadays the market is full with hundreds of backpack of various designs and price. You will definitely feel helpless in the middle of the market. The sizes of backpacks are measured in liters. Pick the right backpack for you. You would like to do some researches first. Go through some school backpack reviews or search for some best rolling select a smaller and lightweight backpack. That will make your beginner backpacking trips more comfortable. Make sure that your backpack can carry your entire beginner backpacking gear. Try to do no compromise about the quality or you will end up searching for articles on best way to pack a backpack for travel.

Get your Clothes Ready:

The goal should be keeping your backpack as less weighing as possible. So only get those clothes which are absolutely necessary. To use the space of your backpack more efficiently, roll up your clothes. Keep your day clothes (like the jacket) separate from other clothes. This article helps you Find best way to pack a backpack for travel.


Layering up your Backpack:

It is very important to place the clothes in your backpack in the right order. Put the clothes you will need rarely at the bottom. the heavy clothes in the middle part of the back. frequently used clothes at the top.


Top of Pack Items:


  • Insulated Jacket
  • Rain Jacket
  • Fleece Jacket and Pants


Bottom of Pack Items:

  • Camp shoes, underwear, down booties


Accessory Pockets


Methods of Packing Clothes in a Backpack:


You won’t like to see any unwanted creases in packed clothes while backpacking. It’s important to know how you will put the clothes in the backpack. Folding them into various shapes, rolling or bundling them are popular methods.


1. Rolling Clothes:


Rolling Method:  

This method is popular in the U.S. Military. It is one of the best ways to save space in a backpack. And this method will be very much helpful if you are trying to lighten up your pack. To apply this method you will just have to smooth up your clothes as you are rolling them. This ensures that they won’t be wrinkled. Though this method works well with soft clothes like shorts, T-shirts, socks etc, you can apply this method in your beginner backpacking trails.


Folding Jeans in Half: 

Pick some smooth jeans of yours. Roll the jeans from cuff or bottom. It will be easy if you start packing with jeans and bigger items.


2.Rolling up T-shirts:

Put your t-shirt on a flat surface. Fold the sleeves of the shirt within the main body. If you see any wrinkles, smooth out them. Finally fold the shirt once before rolling it up. And do it lengthwise.


Fold the Long Sleeves:

Fold the sleeves of the shirt both back and down. Make sure that the cuffs are touching the hem. Roll up it from the hem.


Roll Skirts and Dress Trousers:

You should put these types of clothes at the bottom of your backpack. This way they will be more secure. For nice trousers, Place the nice trousers on a flat surface and smooth up the wrinkles. Fold the legs of the trouser one over another. Fold the cuffs in half. Roll up the trousers from the folded knee. Place other clothing faces down on a flat surface. Avoid any bunch in the fabric through smoothing. Try to fold them lengthwise so that one leg covers the another. Smooth all the clothes again. Zip your winter jacket and lay down flat. Fold the jacket in half vertically and fold the sleeves in the back. Roll the jacket starting from the edge and to the collar. Try to avoid any air in it.  You can always secure your jacket with a large pair of the rubber band. You can leave behind your jacket if you are on to your beginner backpacking summer.


3.Packing your Shoes:


Put on the Heaviest Pair:

Your heaviest pair of shoes is the problem dog of your beginner backpacking trip. In the first place try to avoid heavy and big shoes unless your trail needs it. And if heavy shoes are necessary, try to wear them while starting your trip and free up some space.


Use Shoe Bag:

You can make the use of a shoe bag and keep your shoes away from other clothes. Thus you can keep dirt away from your clothes. It will be the great idea if you put your shoes at the very bottom of your backpack. In that place, they will be more secure and you will feel less irritating.


Stuff with Socks:

Wasting up the spaces in your shoes is a bad idea. You can always feel them with your socks. You can also feel them with any fragile items. Many people forget that the insides part of their shoes are an awesome space but wasted. Another idea is to bring the shoes that are in the last part of their lifespan. You will use it for the last time. Then you can leave those while returning home.


Tie the Shoes with the Backpack:

This won’t work much well if there is a flight on your trip, but it’s an amazing space saver if you’re going on-foot or some other from transportation except air. Try to tie them tightly and close to the body of your backpack so that they don’t hit you or other people around you and create an embarrassing moment.



Were those tips and suggestions helpful? Did these tips help you to save any space in your backpack? Or do you have any other killer tips or suggestions that we missed?

Please comment below and let us know.



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