Backpacking Trips

Top 5 Cheapest Countries to Backpack

Backpacking trips for College Students

Backpacking trips for College Students So many desire but can’t meet much of them- that’s pretty much the situation when you are a college student. Backpacking when you are a student can be more enjoyable. You can say let’s do it when it’s more fun. But since you are a …

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The 13 Beautiful Places to Backpack in Northern California

overnight backpacking northern california

Overnight backpacking northern California Overnight backpacking northern California abounds with a lot of treks you can choose for multi-night backpacking enjoyment. We have pulled together some of the best options here for Beginner Backpacker. Definitely, you would never find a bad option here. You need an extensive pre-planning for the most …

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Top Beginner backpacking trips

backpacking trips for beginners

backpacking trips for beginners Backpacking is not one of the “Just Do It” types of things. The adventure through the backcountry is not a child’s play. It can be a dangerous place even for the experienced people. But if you play your cards right, backpacking can be a great source …

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3 Days Backpacking Trip California.

Short backpacking trips in California

Short backpacking trips in California   There are good numbers of backpacking trails in the mountainous and coastal area of California.  Here, we are offering you some best options for short backpacking trips in California. In these options, you can choose some trails you can enjoy only in 1 day …

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How do I carry a tent and a sleeping bag?

how to pack a tent in a backpack

Pack a Tent in a Backpack   So what are you doing this summer? Planning for some beginner backpacking summer? Packed your entire beginner backpacking products? What about the tent? Nowadays everybody is grabbing a tent whether they are going for beginner backpacking camping or not. Even for a beginner …

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Best tricks for Making Backpacking Trips Easier

Easy Backpacking Trips California

Easy Backpacking Trips If you are pulling out your beginner backpacking trips California, you would like to start with some Easy Backpacking Trips. Because when you are planning on backpacking in a specific new area, it’s wise to do some easy ones first. California is like heaven for the backpackers, …

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Top 12 Overnight backpacking southern California

overnight backpacking southern california

Overnight backpacking southern California Southern California, America’s one of the largest hubs of hiking trails is very much popular for outdoor adventure. We find out the best 12 Overnight backpacking southern California, It will be very helpful for Beginner backpacking trips California. you really enjoy those for couples of months. …

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