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Best dog hiking Gear list

When you are hiking with your dog he is your companion on your journey. He has the same importance as you on the journey. You can’t underestimate his role in your journey. Normally people get so hyped about their gear and forget about the Dogs. But your dog needs just the perfect gears same as you. You must take some time to prepare the proper dog hiking gear list. Here we have prepared a nice and perfect Dog hiking gear list for you.

Dog Hiking Gear List


Dog’s Backpack:

Your dog can carry his foods, water and most of his gear in his backpack. There is a wide range of fancy dog backpacks in the market. Pick a lite backpack that fits your dog’s body perfectly. Make sure that the backpack is not much heavy. There is a standard for how much weight you will put in your dog’s backpack. It’s 1 pound of backpack per 20 pounds of dog’s body. That means if your dog weighs 20 pounds then you can put highest of 1 pound weight in the backpack. Keep enough plastic bags with you to cover the backpack and kits in it in case your dog immerse in streams.


Dog hiking gear list


Look here for some awesome dog-friendly backpacking trails.

  • First-aid Kit:

    It’s more likely for your dog to get injured in the journey than you. Dogs are prone to more threats than you. So you must take a separate first-aid kit for your dog. And you must be able to provide first-aid treatment for any possible injuries or traumas to your dog. Include everything in the first-aid kit and double check it.


  • Water Bowl:

    Don’t hope that you will get water for your dog on the trail. The streams that are available on the trail are good for a washout. That keeps your dog cool. But for drinking, you must arrange safe water just as you do for yourself. Dogs have the high risk of water-borne diseases just like us humans. Enough water will keep your dog safe from heat stroke and fatigue. To contain water you can use plastic, titanium or nylon bowls. They are very lightweight and should be a part of your dog hiking gear list.

  • Food and Treats:

    While hiking, your dog burns more calories than normal time. So you must feed him more than you normally do. You don’t want to see your dog’s energy down in the middle of the hike. So always keep him well-fed. Throw some treats every now and then all along the trail. While hiking always keep an eye on your dog’s body language. Fed him whenever you see that he is getting fatigued.




  • Harness and Leash:

    Keep six feet long leash always with you. No matter if it is required or not. You must keep it. Try to avoid flexible leads. They tire your hand fast. If you are looking for hands-free hiking connect the leash handle through your belt.


  • Insect Repellent:

    You as well as your dog may have negative side effects from DEET-based repellent. So before going out for a hike, dab some DEET-based repellent in your dog’s fur. Look for any reaction. Especially looks for nausea, drowsiness, and lethargy. There is a most important thing that you must remember. That’s to apply repellent only in those areas of your dog’s body where it can’t lick. Because it will be harmful to him if the repellent goes into his mouth. Shoulders, around the ears and back of the neck, are the places where you should apply it. Be careful while applying around the ears. Make sure that it doesn’t go into the ear or near the ear hole. Mosquitos are more likely to attack the exposed skins near eyes and ears.


  • Identification Tags and Microchips:

    Want your dog to get lost? If not then always make your dog wear an identification tag. The tag must be easily read. One of those fancy microchips can be another inexpensive option. These chips are implanted under the skin of the animal. It sizes not large than a rice grain. Don’t avoid these chips thinking that these are not easily read by people. But actually, these chips are now very well known. Most of the animal clinics and shelters can read these chips. Photo identification can also be useful.


  • Dog Booties:

    Your dog’s foot pads may receive sufferings in the trail. Sore feet can be an issue if your dog has not that much hiking experience. It’s a good idea to have a nice pair of booties in the backpack. These booties can be a good preparation to protect your dog’s feet from rough roads and vegetation. In case your dog damages its pads, the bandage can be secured with a pair of booties. Remember to take some practice sessions with your dog at home. Right before the trip, it will make him comfortable with the pair of booties. Don’t let your dog put on the booties for a long period of time.


  • Rolls of Plastic Bags:

    You need to bury or remove your dog’s waste. No matter how short or long your hike is this is a duty you just can’t overlook. After your dog takes a poop, either carry it to bury late or bury it instantly. Choose the option that suits best with the area and atmosphere you are in.


Some more items to consider in the kit:

Here are some more items that you must consider to include in your Dog hiking gear list.


Comb or Brush:

You might want to bring a comb or brush for your dog. During and after a hike brush periodically the whole body of your dog. This way you can minimize problems like tangled plants and embedded seeds.



Sleeping Pad:

If you are looking forward to an overnight trip you can bring a sleeping pad for your dog. This can be proven to be a nice touch. However, if you have enough space in your tent, then it would not be necessary. Look here for How to pack a tent in a backpack




There is no license for a By Chance. Keep your dog’s up-to-date vaccination and health records in case of emergency during a trip. This can be the final touch in your dog hiking gear list.



Best Dog Hiking Bag:

(Hilike Pet Travel Bag for Dog)



  • Dogs Travel
  • Dog Food Carriers
  • Pet Silicone Collapsible Bowls


Do want to add something more to this dog hiking gear list? Post comments below and lets us know.

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