Guided Backpacking Trips & Tricks for beginner

Guided Backpacking Trips

Guided backpacking trips California

In a guided backpacking trip you hire a guide or tour company who chauffeurs you through your trip. Nowadays there are many tour companies who arrange guided backpacking trips. All you need to do is pay them and register in their trip. Then arranging and organizing the whole trip is upon them. You just relax and enjoy. They have complete backpacking packages in their inventory. You will just have to include yourself. Guided backpacking trips for beginners are a hot topic nowadays among the amateur backpackers. Because as a beginner nobody feels that he is even “Jack” of backpacking. Most of the amateurs want some guided backpacking trips for beginners to kick off their journey as a backpacker.
You might think that your beginner backpacking trails would be easy. But it may be not. You can never know it surely until you are deep into your journey. So a guided backpacking trip is a thing that you should seriously consider as a beginner. But nothing comes without its cons. Besides having some serious pros guided backpacking trips Californians also have some drawbacks and you get some easy backpacking trips California. you need to fix first Backpacking/hiking budget and get ideas about short backpacking trips California.


Advantages of Guided Backpacking:


As a beginner, safety should be a big issue for you. Because backpacking through the wilderness is not the safest thing to do. But when you are backpacking with a group or tour company you can consider yourself to be safe enough. Because the tour company will take all the necessary precautions to keep you safe and secured. One of the big advantages of guided backpacking is you can be assured o your safety.


Being an Expert:

Both the guides from tour companies or freelance guides you hire are experts. And when you are backpacking through an unknown place, a hand from an expert would be of great use for you. They know about the trail more than enough. Because the reason they are called “guide” of a specific trail is that they have gone through it many more times before. Having a guide will stop you from doing anything novice.


Making New Friends:

You will meet new people in guided backpacking trips for beginners. And the best thing is they share the same interest as you. So it will be easy to make some new and amazing friends. And who knows? You can meet with a group who can join you in your future beginner backpacking trips.


Being Hustle Free:

While solo backpacking, you need to keep and think about lots of things in your mind. You have to book buses and hotels constantly. You have to consider and reconsider hundred of things if you are backpacking on your own. But on a guided backpacking trip, the hardest thing you have to do is appear on time. All the other things will be done for you by the guides and authorities of the tour company.


Gears and Logistics:

You wouldn’t have to think about gathering the gears and logistics you need. Nowadays most of the guided backpacking trips for beginners include all the necessary gears. Your backpack, tent, sleeping bag, cookware, and food etc things will be ready just in time. And the same goes for the logistics like permits and day cards.



A guided trip will save you a lot of time. Going solo requires lots of research. If you are a beginner going on a solo trip, you have to match a bunch of puzzles before. Researching thoroughly about all the things will be a headache for you.



You will get to learn a lot of things on your guided trip. The whole time you will be with experts and as a beginner, it is a great chance. You will learn things like beginner backpacking bags sewing, beginner backpacking products And also how to choose beginner backpacking gear.



Disadvantages of Guided Backpacking:


Guided backpacking trips for beginners are not free. It will cost significantly much if you go for a guided trip instead of going solo.



Comparing to solo trips, guided trips include some waste of your cash. If you buy your own gear you can use it over and over again. It’s an investment. But on a guided trip you have to return all the gears after the trip.



A guided backpacking trip is almost non-flexible. You have to maintain the timetable exactly. You have to eat the same food others are having. If you are choosy about the food you may just have to starve.



In a commercially guided backpacking trip you will be backpacking with a group of complete strangers. This can be a good thing because you can make new friends. But just flip the coin. It’s a bad thing also If you are introvert or not likely to make friends with strangers quickly.



If you are backpacking with your partner on a guided trip, you may not like it. Because you will have little to no privacy. Because a whole group of backpackers will move with you. They move, you move. You move, they move. If you are seeking privacy then the company of other backpackers will be a headache. Moreover, you won’t be able to engage much with the nature of a guided trip. You will be distracted by the activities of other people who will be just beside you.


So, now what are you thinking? As a beginner will you choose guided trips over solo? Or will you stick with the flexibility of solo backpacking? We suggest that if you have enough bucks in your pocket, go for some guided backpacking trips for beginners. It will help you more than solo trips. You will learn many things on a guided trip. And afterward, that knowledge will help you in your solo trips. What are your thoughts on this matter? Comment in the comment section and share it with us.














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