Planning for a Budget-Friendly Hike for A beginners

hiking for beginners on a budget

hiking for beginners on a budget.

Hiking for beginners on a budget


Thinking about going for some thru hikes? But a budget is a problem? You are not the only one. Almost every beginner backpackers face the same problem at first. Hiking for beginners on a budget.

Initially, it could seem like a hard or not so possible type of thing. But actually, you can easily reduce the costs. You just need to consider some factors and some cool ideas. Where to get them? We are still here! As always we will make your beginner backpacking as smooth as possible through our beginner backpacking articles. Though many people consider backpacking and hiking as different things actually they are not so different. When you are on your beginner backpacking trails you will have to complete some hikes. You also need to know hiking for beginner workout tips. Hiking itself is a part of backpacking. Actually, it’s the major part. The things you need to keep an eye on for hiking for beginners on a budget are as followed:



The clothing you will take on your hike usually depends on the season, location and type of hike you are on. Though try not to take any cloth that is anyhow unnecessary. You should avoid buying any cotton clothing. It won’t be a wise idea to buy an expensive hiking shirt. Try to evaluate the clothes you already have in your wardrobe. Or if you have to buy anything just hit any thrift store of your locality. If you already have a decent windbreaker don’t go to grab a new jacket from the market.



The expensive hiking boots won’t be a great idea if you are on hiking for beginners on a budget. You can easily use your normal sneakers. But it depends on the trail type. In some trail, you can even hike with barefoot.



If your hike-type allows you, you can use your school/college backpack instead of a branded hiking backpack. Try to borrow a backpack from a friend or buy the used ones. In short, try to avoid buying a new backpack by any means. It will save you some huge money.


Sleeping Bags:

If you are going on an overnight backpacking, sleeping bag is a must for you. There are plenty of top branded sleeping bags out there in the market. But when you are following a budget, just forget about them. You can easily find a cheaper sleeping bag with the same temperature rating. They will cost half than the branded ones. And you can have your beginner backpacking camping on a budget.


Rain Gear:

Study the weather forecast and make sure whether rain will find you on the hike or not. Don’t buy any rain gear if there is little to no chance of rain. It will also save you some weight. If it becomes necessary to go for some cheap rain gears. Or if you are searching for some beginner backpacking adventure you can go without your rain gear even in rainy season. Hiking in rain wouldn’t be a good idea at all for most of the People. But if the trail is an easy one without much up or downhill, some people will surely have the smell of adventure in rain.


Some Million Dollar Suggestions:


Try to Buy Used Gear:

Buying used gear can save you a handful amount of money. Search for them at your local thrift store. You can also buy used gears from online auctions.


Use What You Have:

Don’t get worried away and buy something that you already have. Keep an eye on your home to check which things you already have. Be creative and evaluate your belongings. You can find your old bandana and use it instead of a buff.


Buy Things with Longer Warranties:

While buying your beginner backpacking gear look into the available warranties and what they include. You may end up with free repair or replacement.


Go for Rentals:

To rent something is a nice save of money. Nowadays some sports brand outlets also provide a rental service. But don’t forget to test and check thoroughly before renting anything.


Compare before Buying:

If you are planning a hiking for beginners on a budget, it will be a nice and effective strategy to compare thoroughly before buying your hiking gears and related stuff. Just don’t go straight and buy them. To make the best deal you must do some researches about the market and compare every deal with other to find the best one.



 Alternative Gear:

Some Alternative Gear Suggestions to Adjust Your Hiking for Beginners on a Budget:


There are alternatives for almost all beginner backpacking products. Such as-

  • Use a disposable water bottle and forget about Nalgene. The cost difference will blow your mind. Besides, the water bottle provides you with a free drink. And it is also significantly lighter than Nalgene.


  • A canister stove is a thing with two problems. With high weight, it also costs you some more bucks. A homemade alcohol stove can be a nice alternative for a canister stove. They are much efficient and they eat any kind of white gas. Though there are some drawbacks like controlling the temperature and making the best use of an alcohol stove might take some learning curves.


  • One of the highest paid things in a backpacking gear is the trekking poles. A well-branded set of trekking poles can hand you a $200 dollars bill. But you can easily use a set of used ski poles in place of trekking poles. It will give a boost to your hiking for beginners on a budget. And you can get yourself a pair of them from anywhere. Because basically, they are everywhere around you. Though they will cut you loose from some cool features of trekking poles. But the cost and weight of ski poles are way less. And you can replace them easily.


  • You can get any good pork and spoon you like from $4 (low end) to $16 (top of the line). But you can easily save almost all of it by using a plastic fork. They will cost you not even 50 cents. Even if you are on a 2 days backpacking you can reuse them by washing. But it will be best to buy one for each meal.



  • Instead of using dry bags you can try out plastic bags. Though it won‘t be as durable as dry bags, it will save you some money and weight.



So, which suggestions are not in this article but you think will be a great up hand in a hiking for beginners on a budget? Do you have any unique suggestion or an idea of your own? Come and share your thoughts with us by commenting below.



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