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Hiking With Weights in Backpack


Hiking With Weights in Backpack

Do you know why the American Military is the fittest, most deadly force in the history of the world? Apart from typical military drills, what makes them what they are? That’s a simple physical and fitness activity that they have been doing since long ago. That is called racking. It means walking or Hiking With Weights in Backpack. The name came from the military version of “Backpack”. That’s “Ruck Sack”.

But you don’t need to carry as much as weights in your backpack as the military boys do. You just need to find any old backpack in your house. Then you just add some weight to it. Then go for a hike. A whole new world of fitness will open before you. There are some additional benefits too. Hiking with weights in the backpack can also be helpful for you if you are looking for Hiking for beginners workout. Some short hikes with weights in your backpack can also be a part of your preparations for long trips. Before you are going for your beginner backpacking adventure or beginner backpacking the great outdoors, few hikes with weights can be of great use to you.


Why Hiking With Weights in Backpack:

Why should you do your hiking with weights in a backpack? Well, it has some wonderful benefits.

  • To Crush Calories: Any half an hour hike will burn about 125 calories from an average person’s body. It’s not just a saying. It’s stated in the Compendium of Physical Activities. But if you do the same 30-minute hike with a weighted backpack, it will burn about 325 calories. Any good with the numbers? It’s almost 3 times better! Just think about that. Say that you are hiking with weights in Backpack regularly for 6 months. And you are hiking for about 10 hours per month. Within 6 months you will burn almost 39000 calories!
  • A solution for Back pain: If you have developed a disc bulge you will face tough situations while walking. You will automatically lean forward when walking. Because in this case, your body fires the back muscles too much harder to hold up your torso. If you can build up a habit of hiking with weights in the backpack, it will definitely help you here. Every time you are hiking with weights in the backpack, it will help a little more to hold up your torso. As a result, your back muscles won’t have to work that much hard.
  • It’s inexpensive and easy: Nowadays most of the fitness method will require you to buy some expensive equipment. Or it can be the gym membership, workout programs, and whatnot. But not so with hiking with weights in the backpack. You will surely have a backpack in your house. And weighing it? You can weight your backpack with almost anything from your house. So there is literary no cost for hiking with weights in Backpack.


Best Weights in Backpack (My suggestions):


CVLIFE Outdoor 50L Military Rucksacks Tactical Backpack:




Military Tactical Backpack Large 3 Day Assault Pack:




Bago Lightweight Foldable Backpack( waterproof and tear-resistant):




Laptop Outdoor Backpack:


Load Your Pack:


  1. Bottled Water: This is very easy to get. Some big water bottle can perfectly fit into your backpack. Laid the bottles across the bottom part of your backpack. By doing this you can spread the weight all across your backpack in a balanced way. There is another up hand that you will have if you carry bottled water as weight. If you see that things are getting too heavy to carry, you can just drop all the water from the bottles.
  2. Old Books: Books are another convenient item to use for weighing up your backpack. Some old books will give your backpack some significant weight. But you may need to have fair few of them. But remember to choose the books you will carry wisely. Take only those books which you don’t care for that much. Because they just may get damaged while you are on your beginner hiking or beginner backpacking trails with them.
  • Sandbags: Sandbags are also a good option. Get ready them with different weights. Put them in your backpack. Try to put bags with different weights throughout your backpack. This will definitely give you a good and comfortable feel.


How Much Weight to Add:

How much weight is good for you when you are hiking with weights in the backpack? Actually, it varies from person to person. And it depends on the person’s energy and strength level. A good and light starter weight is 20% of your own body weight. A fully trained soldier can carry 60% or even more of their body weight. But you are not a soldier. You are just a hiker who is going for hiking with weights in Backpack. So you should start with 20% of your body weight. Then if it feels good you can increase the weight gradually. 40% of your body weight is considered to be a medium weight. And finally, if you want to do some heavyweight and your body response, you can go for 60% of your body weight.


Risk and Problems:

There is no exercise in this whole world which does not include any risk of injury or problem. You can avoid all the risks of physical injury in only one way. That is to hide you completely in a locked and padded room. But as a matter of fact, you will soon get sick due to inactivity. There are some problems or risks included when you are hiking with weights in the backpack.


  • You may develop Shoulder, neck and back strain if you use any loose backpack that does not fit you. Strains can also occur if you hike with weights for too long or too fast.
  • Joints like knee and ankle may give you little to more pain in case you are putting on heavier weight.
  • If you use lousy shoes or socks, you may have blisters.
  • You may even get attacked by heatstroke while hiking with weights in Backpack. To avoid it you must not carry heavy weights in hot weather without enough water.

These risks can be reduced by using well fitted, standard gears and developing some common sense.






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