How do I carry a tent and a sleeping bag?

Pack a Tent in a Backpack

Pack a Tent in a Backpack


So what are you doing this summer? Planning for some beginner backpacking summer? Packed your entire beginner backpacking products? What about the tent? Nowadays everybody is grabbing a tent whether they are going for beginner backpacking camping or not. Even for a beginner backpacking hiking trip, you may need a tent. When the summer sun is too rude over you, a tent may be of good use to you while resting. Packing a tent in your backpack may trouble and annoy you. You may end up searching for how to pack a tent in a backpack in the search engines. So we are here yet again with our beginner backpacking articles. We will help you thoroughly so that you won’t ever feel helpless for not knowing how to pack a tent in a backpack.


Choosing the Right Tent:

Nowadays every backpacker and hiker are buying a tent. Every backpacker of modern days wants beginner backpacking adventure. And you won’t find that much adventure without any beginner backpacking camping. You will find plenty of backpacking tents or sleeping bags of various designs and sizes throughout the market. Choosing the right tent for you is important in the first place before you enlighten your knowledge on how to pack a tent in a backpack. To choose the best tent for you, you have to keep a couple of things in your mind while buying the tent.

  • Capacity: if you are a solo backpacker most of the time, pick a one with low capacity. It will surely save you many things along with cost. But if you always go for backpacking with your partner or buddies, grab one with more capacity.
  • Seasonality: You will see tents with various build and construction material across the market. To select the tent with the best build material for you, keep an eye on the weather. On which whether you are planning to go backpacking.
  • Weight: The weight-carrying ability of tents is an important thing while buying it. So look for it closely. How many dollars are you spending and how much weight are you getting.
  • Liability: You can’t just sleep or rest in any backpacking tent or sleeping bag. You must feel comfortable in it. Convenience and comfort always depend on the design and features of a tent. So don’t spend your bucks on a tent that you won’t ever sleep comfortably in.


Ways to Pack a Tent:

Now that you have got the right backpacking tent for you, it’s time to know how to pack a tent in a backpack. Sleeping in tents in the wilderness! Every adventurous mind wants it. So are you. You will prefer at least one night in your tent in your every beginner backpacking trails. But like many people, you may just drop this idea of yours. Just because of the hustle of packing and carrying a tent. But trust me you should change your thoughts about it. Carrying tents will get as much easier as it gets. You will just have to drop your misconceptions. Besides, you are not the only one who doesn’t know how to pack a tent in a backpack. There are many other people out there.

You will just have to drop your misconceptions. Besides, you are not the only one who doesn’t know how to pack a tent in a backpack. There are many other people out there. Actually, the majority of the people don’t know how to pack a tent in a backpack. But, be at your ease, my friend. There are many ways to do it. Here are some best and easy ones.


  1. One of the best ways you will find is to pack the tent on the outside of the backpack. Right there where you would make a water bottle goes. Then you should just use the compression straps in order to support the top portion of the tent.
  2. You can put the tent in a compression sack. And just pack it in the inside part of the backpack horizontally. The stake sack and the pole might go outside of the pack. Using this method will be a modular packing approach.


  • One smart idea can be a pack liner. You can put your long skinny tent in the backpack but outside of the liner. And then you can just cram the sleeping bag along with other gears in the pack liner.


  1. Strapping the tent onto the outside of your backpack can be another great idea. If you do this you will have an up hand in the rainy season. You can set up your tent without even opening the backpack. Moreover, if you are on your beginner backpacking camping and striking camp while raining you can keep everything under the protection of your tent. And afterward, take your tent down and attached it to the outside of your backpack like earlier. And yeah! You are good to go.


  1. Always try not to fold your tent. Because it will lead to creases. And creases may lead to premature leakage. You can stuff your tent in any small stuff sack. But in most of the case, people give up using the stuff sack. You may not do any better and end up with just stuffing the tent in the bottom of your backpack. As simple as it gets.


  1. If you are lucky enough to buy a good tent that packs small then it’s your day buddy. A good tent with being small packed is by far the best idea. They are much narrow at the front side and will definitely be shorter than your backpack. They are wide across the top. But this side also will be surely smaller than any medium to big sized backpack. This way, your pack will take all the hit, not the tent. But, just, for instance, you should secure the pull string of the stuff sack to your backpack. So that you can know whether it is coming off or not.


  • You may prefer the use of a gallon zip lock bag. You can just pack your tent into it. If it gets drenched from rainwater, you might put it outside of your backpack just under the top strap. If your pack is not the real snag resistant, be a bit careful with it also.


  • You may also pick a ridge rest cut for a pack frame and just use the portion left to wrap your moment around. Then you can carry the tent horizontally on the bottom of your backpack. You may add straps for extra security. And you must need your mesh side pockets to get an easy access to water.



Congrats if you have read the whole article. What are your thoughts now on packing a tent? We hope that you have got a clear idea about how to pack a tent in a backpack through this article. Do you have any additional suggestions or query? Comment below and you will hear from us.













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