Top 12 Overnight backpacking southern California

Overnight backpacking southern California

Southern California, America’s one of the largest hubs of hiking trails is very much popular for outdoor adventure. We find out the best 12 Overnight backpacking southern California, It will be very helpful for Beginner backpacking trips California. you really enjoy those for couples of months. In the area. there are couples of spots really amazing to enjoy day-hike, watch beautiful scenario of the sunrise and sunset, from different angles. You will find most of the trip challenging, amusing and adventurous but you have the opportunity to make those easier if you want.


1.Crystal cove street park

Overnight backpacking southern california
Crystal cove street park

 This is one of the largest state parks in California. It encompasses 3.2 miles of Pacific coastline, inland chaparral canyons, including the historic district beach houses in Newport Beach.

The Hiking Trail of the park situates in the midst of the Orange County.

This is the perfect starting point for new hikers who want to enjoy a longer trail. You can challenge yourself by a longer trail run without pushing it too hard for you if you are an experienced one.  In addition, you have enough opportunity to enjoy easier one, if you like it.

I hope you would find enough comfort and amusement by enjoying it.


Why love it?

This is one of the best among 12 overnight backpacking southern California, because,

  1. It has 35 feet trailer
  2. Around 3.2 miles of beach
  3. There are 2,400 acres of backcountry wilderness
  4. The mountain bikers use inland and scuba and skin divers underwater.

The combination of all facilities here, make it really adorable, appealable and matter of conquering to every enthusiast tourists.



2.Santa Cruz Trail

Overnight backpacking southern california
Santa Cruz Trail

The Santa Cruz Trail is an amusing adventurous tourist spot in California. It locates l in the Los Padres National Forest in state’s Santa Barbara County.  The span of the recreational area covers the Santa Ynez, San Rafael and Dick Smith Wilderness areas.

The Trail begins at the Buckhorn-Camuesa near the Upper Oso Campground and covers San Rafel Mountains, Little Pine Mountain, Alexander Saddle, and ends up at the Santa Cruz Creek drainage.

You would find it really really amusing to enjoy 10 miles hike with 2,500′ vertical gain. Back to the next day, you can enjoy a stream under the shade of 100-year old oaks in near the camps.

Why You grab it??

The hiking distance and vertical journey make up a perfect combination to amuse you. You would really adore it to enjoy your body response enchantingly when you climb up, plopping and traveling the perfect distance.



3.Little Santa Anita Canyon

Overnight backpacking southern california
Little Santa Anita Canyon

 It is one of the largest canyons in California. It locates in the southern San Gabriel Mountains including the Angeles National Park in the state’s Los Angeles County. The Canyon begins at southern least of the Mount Wilson, run through the mountain area including the Sierra Madre town. You can enjoy your cheerful hiking trail along the western side of the canyon to the summit of Mt. Wilson.

Why People adore it??

Little Santa Anita is one of the healthiest doses of hiking history. You can enjoy its camp safe and amusing. Find the world of away from the noise and relaxing. Never find any traffic jams through the ways and can enjoy the hundred-year-old Hoagie and Spruce Grove campground here.



4.Barker Valley in the Palomar Mountains

Overnight backpacking southern california
Barker Valley in the Palomar Mountains

 Barker valley of Palomar is one of the spectacular peninsular ranges of San Diego County, in southern California. The most eye-catching scenario belongs to the Palomar Mountain state park here.

There is an Oak Knoll Campground in the valley in which you can find out enormous pleasure through hiking.




5.Cucamonga Peak

Overnight backpacking southern california
Cucamonga Peak

 The 8,862 feet high Cucamonga peak is one of the highest peaks of San Gabriel Mountain.

The hiking trail locates in Cucamonga wilderness area of a mountain in San Bernardino County.

You can enjoy the most adventurous hike to the peak overnight. It begins on Icehouse Canyon Trail, which often gets crowded. In addition, you can enjoy the spectacular scenario of LA sprawl, the desert, and the surrounding peaks.




6.Mount Baldy Ski Lifts

Overnight backpacking southern california
Mount Baldy Ski Lifts

The Mt. Baldy ski Lift is one of the largest ski resort in California. It locates in San Bernardino County in the midst of Mt. San Antonio, Mt Baldy and San Gabriel Mountain area. It is only 45 km away from Los Angeles.

You may find it somewhat cold and windy. But, how amusing its sunrise and sunset is! You shouldn’t miss it.




7.San Bernardino Peak

Overnight backpacking southern california
Mount Baldy Ski Lifts

San Bernardino Peak is the highest peak in the Mt. San Bernardino range. There is 3,000-foot long chairlift and hugely increasing numbers of skiers accommodate here every year.

The ice rock of the peak will amuse you really a lot.




8.Santa Catalina Island

Overnight backpacking southern california
Santa Catalina Island

It is one of the largest Channel Islands near Californian bank of Pacific. It situates southwest of Los Angeles.

Here Catalina, whole the Trans-Catalina trail is really one of the best and the most amazing for hikers to enjoy overnight backpacking southern California.

You can visit the ferry from San Pedro into Two Harbors, and enjoy day hike to either Little Harbor or Two Harbors to Parsons Landing.


Why backpack??

 You find some happiest moment here, because, of its plenty availability of wild lives, dive sites and Mt. Orizaba, its highest peak, the resort town, Descanso Beach.  In addition, you can enjoy, art deco Catalina Casino is a cultural center with a movie theater, ballroom, and museum here.




9.San Gorgonio

overnight backpacking southern california
San Gorgonio

In Southern California, no other than San Gorgonio is the tallest among the series of mountains in the area.

It is the best rite of passages if you are a serious hiker. You would find an amusing high altitude training here. In addition, the opportunity of the drive might attract you really!!


10.San Jacinto

overnight backpacking southern california
San Jacinto

 San Jacinto is the highest peak of the San Jacinto Mountains. It locates in  Riverside County, of southern California.

You can enjoy long trail through the sweltering heat of Palm Springs at 2643 feet to the cooler alpine climb at 8516 feet. This amusing high-altitude experience under your belt and the trail itself would make you relief, refreshed and triggers to an awesome amusement.




11.Solstice Canyon

Overnight backpacking southern california
Solstice Canyon

Solstice Canyon locates at the Pacific Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in the Malibu, California. The park begins at Corral Canyon Road, encompass the large share of Pacific Coast Highway, and end at Point Dume.

You must enjoy a 3.2-mile long trail to the Tropical Terrace House in Solstice Canyon. More ever, you can enjoy stream running alongside the house what makes you cool off.




12.Sturtevant Falls

overnight backpacking southern california
Sturtevant Falls

I personally love this one to enjoy hiking because of its softness to choose an easy one or a hard one as per my temporary need.

It is really really adorable to can hike Mt Wilson Summit Trail. When you get to a 15-mile loop here, or just hike to Sturtevant Falls and back to make it a casual three-mile walk, your days just get made very delightful.


Why not delay overnight backpacking southern California??


  • The Sturtevant is the most beautiful trail fall in the Los Angeles area.
  • There is a pristine stream in the park. It hugs the trail.
  • There are plenty of cabins on the way sight.
  • Waterfall must attract you because of its icy character, and of its amazing scenario.

How to wrap up??

You just need to face some bureaucracy in all of the above trips. Actually, you need a wilderness permit obtainable from the local ranger station, all of the case.

Indeed, there unique characteristics in all of the above 12 overnight backpacking southern California So, for each trip, you need separate unique plans and arrangement to backpack.

Please, don’t miss to leave a comment and share your favorites.



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