Point Reyes National Seashore: Cheap summer camps in California

Point reyes summer camp


Point Reyes summer camps in California

Don’t want to be bored by chasing that same hectic life? Want to take a break from the hypnotizing city life?  Then go on, mate! Grab a Backpack and go for a short outing in point reyes summer camp in California. Pamper yourself with the immersive experience of Backpacking. Begin a journey with the natural world. Be a part of it. The appreciations you will get from nature are richer and rewarding than…….hmm, pretty much everything and the article is about Beginner Backpacking trips California especially the coast camp trail and it’s a big choice to go point reyes summer camp in California.

First thing is first. If possible find yourself a partner who has some backpacking experience. If you can’t find a backpacker, find a willing friend to sign up for a backpacking trip. While backpacking, most of the time you will find yourself in unsuited situations. So basically it’s like being a fish out of the water. And it will be fun to have another fish with you.


Picked your trail partner:

Now that you have picked your trail partner, it’s time to select your first trip. The first trip of a backpacker is always something special. Whether you will continue backpacking trips or not is strongly dependent on your first trip. Think of yourself as a gamer who is new to FIFA. You are at a beginner level. Who will you play against first? Certainly, it will be a team that you can win with easily. The same thing goes with the backpacking. You must find yourself a comparatively easy and comfortable trail. At the same time, it must be amazing and thrilling.


There is a saying – “If they can’t do it in California, It can’t be done anywhere”. Ok, now you don’t have to select California for your first backpacking trip just for this saying. There are other convincing reasons to set the trip to California. Locating on the western coast of Pacific Ocean, California is a land of diverse geography ranges from the Pacific coast in the west to the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the east; and from the Redwood-Douglas fir forests in the northwest to the Mojave Desert in the southeast.

The rugged coastline and the dump forest of the state’s coastal mountains couldn’t feel more apart from the dry alpine and steep escarpment of the east side of Sierra or towering walls of Yosemite and the granite-made polished domes, yet they are within a casual day’s drive of each other. Within this varied landscape, there are some premier Backpacking trails and most of them will be a bit more mouthwatering if you are a beginner backpacker.

There are some iconic trails such as the Mount Whitney Trail, John Muir Trail or the well-trodden Sierra Nevada routes. There are also some less-known trails that explore smaller ranges. But remember one thing. There are surely no bad options in California for backpackers.


If You’re a Beginner:

If you are a true beginner, your first backpacking trip in California can’t be much better other than point Reyes camping National Seashore Coast Camp Trip. It’s a 287.44 square kilometer (71,028-acre) preserved park located on the Point Reyes Peninsula in Marin County, California. As a national seashore, it is maintained by the US National Park Service as an important nature preserve. Camping near pointReyess has an excellent system of hiking trails for day hiking and backpacking. There is a bunch of exciting and diverse trails in this epic park. Having beautiful beaches and campgrounds, Point Reyes attracts nature enthusiasts from around the world. The area has a resident tule elk herd, a huge variety of bird species, and it is a favorite mating spot for northern elephant seal.

The Coastal Miwoks originally inhabited the area for over 3,000 years. In 1579, Sir Francis Drake landed at Drake’s Cove, close to a Miwok settlement. The area changed hands many times in the next 400 years, and land boundaries were often disputed. Finally, in 1962, the point Reyes camping National Seashore was established, protecting the land from further development.


Why Is point reyes summer camp the best?

One of the best things about point Reyes camping National Seashore is it offers a number of camping options. The Coast Camp is 3.1 miles each way via the Coast Trail. The most amazing fact is that you can explore the beach with the water being just a short hike down. The cost camp has about 14 sites and all the sites are very exposed as you can imagine being this close to the beach. But if you still want to see a corner of the ocean, sites 1 through 4 are probably the best. And remember you won’t see any breaking waves, just the blue ocean. Though you can hear the wave sounds in the early morning and evening, you can’t see the ocean from most of the sites.

Sites do book up for the weekends here in The Coast Camp, so you will have to reserve your site early. Permits must be picked up from the Bear Valley Visitor Center on your way in. They are supposed to mail you a confirmation of your reservation. If you are not arriving at visitor center’s hours they will post permit outside for you. Each site of the coast camp has a metal locker, picnic bench, and a barbecue. So you might want to skip the freeze-dried on this trip and use the barbecue. Because, how often will you get a chance to barbecue when backpacking!

If you plan on eating well, you should hit the point reyes summer camp Station- a fancy little town. You will find some grocery stores, bakeries, and restaurant across the streets of the town. Even you can see a farmers market if you hit the town on the weekends. If you are lucky enough, you can find some guys selling tamales. Anyway, after point Reyes camping Station, you should hit the Visitor Center next and hit the trail. Some volunteers would talk you out of buying a map instead of a photocopied paper. And then you will get your permit from a ranger.

Finally, you will start the Coast Trail from the trailhead just at the shy of the hostel. Parking is allowed along the road. But you have to park on the shoulder. You should have a decent pack weighs. Carrying foods like raw meat on ice, charcoal, marinated vegetables etc is a nice way to have a decent weight. However, after you start, you will see the first trail sign after 2.9 miles. The fog here can be nasty so make sure you have rain/new gear. The trail is 95 percent uncovered so in the summer when it is actually hot at the beach it could be a warm hike. The Coast Trail runs parallel with an unnamed creek until it goes under the trail at 3/4 of a mile in. The creek turns into a marsh at this point. Then the trail will take you straight to the beach.

Meantime, be sure to capture some awesome views. You will see Limantour beach in the north. Keep your eyes forward and you will see Santa Maria Beach and Sculptured beach in a distance. If your luck is good and the tides smile upon you, Sculptured Beach will offer you great tide pooling. Don’t forget to check a tide table so that you could know when making a narrow crossing could get you stuck between waves and a sheer cliff. Believe me; you won’t want to be on the evening news as some guy who had to get rescued in a backpacking trail. So, be careful about it. There are a couple of more things that you need to be careful of. Like the poison oak that grows plentiful in this area. And the raccoons here are no joke. So keep an eye for them also from time to time.

However, going forward, you will reach the junction of Laguna Trail and The Coast Trail. By the way, Laguna Trail is a shorter mileage option than The Coast Trail but you will gain a little more elevation. Anyway, at this point make a slight left and you will be in site 1 through site 7. Then, take a right. All the sites are clearly marked. So there is no chance you will miss any. As the bunnies are running all around the place, watch for them. Continuing the coast trail towards the site 8 to 14 you will see a really nice pit toilet (near sites 9 and 10) with water near the beach access trail. There you will also see an interesting rock formation. It looks like 3 rocks are joined together in a nice formation. But you might not find this on your map.

There are some facilities provided. With very clean pit toilet there is also recycle cans. So, don’t pack your trash out. There is another set of them closer to sites 1 through 7 as well. Finally, you will reach the Coast Camp. After storing the food and setting up camp you would like to head down to the beach. You will see some colorful and fast moving beetles on the trail. The fact is, you won’t find the entire beach that much pristine but you will definitely have a beach experience like never before. You will see other groups out there but trust me you will feel like you had the entire beach for yourselves. Later on the trail, you will see the Santa Maria trail at a point where it rushes into the ocean.

Though it will look almost like a weird reflection for the distance it is actually a creek. You can easily cross it as it is only a foot or so deep in the deepest parts. It will be a bit easier to cross further from the sea. The best idea though is to pick a shallow spot and walk across it. There are some weird creatures in the intertidal zone like green anemones. So you should be cautious whenever you are in the break zone. If it’s your day you might have one or two Mule Deer as your companion through the trail. Because sometimes they use the trail as their gateway path. Near the rocks where at anything but low tide is the end of the route, you came to a hole with a  private beach inside.

Of course, going into the hole would be easy but coming out not so much as it is a good 6 feet down with waves coming in and out of it. You will also see some amazing rocks which are formed like an arch over the water and you would think of swimming through it. But as that may not be possible, you will have to be content watching the waves break on it.

If you want to cook with some daylight, you should decide to head back to the camp when the sun is low on the horizon. And so to speak, that view is something you don’t and won’t see often.

Ok, when it’s time to cook, whatever you cook, you should cook enough to satisfy your hungry stomach after a day in the beach air.

Next morning you won’t want to sleep late. Because if you miss the sun rising in a place like this, you should jump off a cliff!! You will find the waves a little larger in the morning and also the beaches more pristine.

On your way back to the trailhead, it will be like reliving the day before.

As a warm-up trip for a beginner backpacker, this short Point reyes summer camp is by far one of the best you could experience in California.








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